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Terrell Watt, Owner, Terrell Watt Planning Consultants

Terrell Watt, Owner, Terrell Watt Planning ConsultantTerrell Watt has been the owner of Terrell Watt Planning Consultants since 1989, a firm specializing in planning and implementing projects that promote resource conservation and sustainable development patterns which are significant to the region. Terrell is an expert in general and specific planning, open space and agricultural land conservation and environmental compliance. Her role also includes facilitation, public outreach, and negotiation. Terrell has a wide variety of clients throughout California including non-profit organizations, government agencies and foundations. In 2005, on behalf of Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks and its environmental coalition she negotiated $243.5 million in an Orange County transportation measure to comprehensively mitigate for habitat impacts due to freeway projects. Prior to forming her own consulting group, Terrell was the staff planning expert with the environmental and land use law firm Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger.
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