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Community Demands Transportation Justice

Action alert: MTC commissioners to vote on EJ principles

Sylvia Darensberg, Plaintiff against MTC in discrimination case

Fifty years after the Montgomery Bus Boycott, transportation equity is still a crucial issue for communities of color across the country. While legal segregation of public transportation is a thing of the past, one only has to step onto any urban bus system to see that racial inequality is alive and well in the United States. The passing of Rosa Parks, a pioneer of transportation justice, reminds us of the distance we have traveled, and is a fitting occasion for a rededication to undertaking the hard journey toward justice.

Demand Environmental Justice from the MTC

On March 22 at 10:10am the Environmental Justice Principles proposed by the Minority Citizens Advisory Committee (MCAC) of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) will go before the full MTC Commission for adoption. An alternative, weaker version of EJ Principles proposed by the MTCs General Counsel will also go before the Commission.

Please call the MTC’s Commissioners and urge them to adopt the MCAC’s Environmental Justice Principles as they are. Their contact information is below.


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