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Articles about Food + Global Trade

First Name Last Name Post Date
Dec. 4 Event: Movement Lessons Since the Battle of Seattle Margi Clarke 11/18/2019
Until the Streets of the Hood Flood with Green Kelly Curry 11/06/2019
Book Release Party and Smoothie Lab Anniversary Freedom Voices and Reimagine! 07/22/2018
Farmworkers—The Basis and Bottom of the Food Chain Minkoff-Zern and Getz 05/27/2018
Heritage of Healing: Ecology of Hope Kelly Curry 05/03/2016
McDeath Amanda "Panda" Deda 01/03/2016
Occupying the Future, Starting at the Roots Diana Pei Wu 05/16/2012
Restaurants and Race Saru Jayaraman 05/27/2011
Food Workers—Wages and Race Yvonne Yen Liu 05/27/2011
San Francisco Chinatown Restaurant Workers Fight for Fair Employment Crystal Carter 05/27/2011
Carbon Fundamentalism vs. Climate Justice Gopal Dayaneni 12/02/2009
The Second Green Revolution Clifton Ross 11/30/2009
Urban Food Co-op Tackles Economic Empowerment Dana Harvey 11/20/2009
Voices of Climate Justice 11/19/2009
Reinventing Food Systems Marty Fujita 11/18/2009
Greening for All Marcy Rein 06/26/2009
David Harvey on The Financial Crash and the Right to the City An Interview by Amy Goodman 04/02/2009
Florida Farmworkers Build Unity through Education and Action Beverly Bell 09/28/2007
Achieving the Human Right to Food Security Peter Rosset 05/09/2007
Biological Meltdown: The Loss of Agricultural Biodiversity Hope Shand 05/09/2007
Growing Local Food into Quality Green Jobs in Agriculture Kirsten Schwind 03/14/2007
Pesticides (Spring 1991) Editor 09/07/2006
A Place at the Table (Winter 2000) 08/09/2006
Port of Oakland: Private Industry or Public Agency Clarke & Baba 12/08/2005
The New Face of Agriculture Anuradha Mittal 10/18/2005
Engendering Global Justice: Women First Marceline A. White 10/18/2005
Strategies From the Global South Deborah James 10/18/2005
Predatory Patents Hope Shand 10/10/2005
Corporate Crops Don Fitz 10/10/2005
Corn Crisis Oxfam International 10/10/2005
Food and Agriculture Editor 10/10/2005
Trading Human Rights for Corporate Profits Martin Wagner 10/10/2005
Beyond Trade: The WTO’s expansive agenda and impact (2004) Lori Wallach 10/10/2004