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Articles about Housing + Climate Change + Transportation

First Name Last Name Post Date
Somethin’ Ain’t Right: A Play - 6:00 pm, Thurs, Jan. 30 Kelly Curry 01/27/2020
The Economics of Climate Change Noam Chomsky 04/01/2019
Amazon Delivers Low-Paying Jobs and Dirty Air to California Jess Clarke 09/24/2018
Fresno Residents Choking on Amazon’s Dust Demand Rights Interview with Leo Martinez 09/11/2018
The Amazon You Won’t Hear About at Climate Summit Dania De Ramon 09/06/2018
Governor Brown is Not Green Eric K. Arnold 05/30/2018
Renter Nation Rises Jess Clarke 10/03/2017
Corporate Landlords Consolidate — Renters Fight Back Jess Clarke 08/18/2017
Transforming a Movement (1991 Dana Alston 06/06/2017
Renters Rise Joseph Smooke 06/02/2017
Miss Raynel’s Shanty Wanda Sabir 05/30/2017
Fight or Flight Kheven LaGrone 05/30/2017
Interview with Adrienne Maree Brown—Voices of Climate Justice Adrienne Maree Brown 11/18/2016
Paris Agreement is a ‘Dangerous Distraction’ GGJ, CJA & IEN 04/22/2016
Communities Unite to Fight Coal in Oakland Eric K. Arnold 03/22/2016
Clean Power — Our Power Ana Orozco and Molly Greenberg 03/21/2016
Rebecca Solnit on Climate Change Dayton Martindale 03/11/2016
Transit Allies Fight for Share of Sales Tax Marcy Rein 02/08/2016
San Mateo County Renters Fight Rising Evictions Joseph Smooke and Dyan Ruiz 02/07/2016
Bus Riders Step Up for Better Service Harvey Barkin 02/04/2016
Exodus From The Jungle Andrew Bigelow 02/03/2016
Housing Stability and Health In San Mateo County Dr. Scott Morrow 01/31/2016
Housing and Commute Costs Squeeze Low-Wage Workers Alexandra Goldman 01/30/2016
Segregation Shaped the San Mateo Housing Crisis Marcy Rein 01/29/2016
Bus Rider Profile: Lucila Moran Marcy Rein 01/20/2016
Bus Rider Profile: Arturo Velarde Harvey Barkin 01/20/2016
Connecting Struggles Across Issues and Borders Virali Gokaldas 01/14/2016
Exodus from the Jungle Video 12/28/2015
People, Power, Policy Kay Cuajunco 09/07/2015
Moving the Money Amy Vanderwarker 09/07/2015
We Will Not Be Moved Dawn Phillips 05/14/2015
The Right to Rest Paul Boden Terry Messman 05/14/2015
Tenant Rights Movement Wins New Law in Oakland Robbie Clark 05/14/2015
Gentrification is Making Us Sick Zoë Levitt 05/13/2015
Who Gets to Live Near Transit? Dyan Ruiz Joseph Smooke 05/13/2015
Democracy vs. Development Oakland Wins a Round J. Douglas Allen-Taylor 04/23/2015
The Beat of 24th and Mission Christine Joy Ferrer 04/17/2015
New Majority Confronts Climate Crisis Jess Clarke 03/21/2015
Ecological Revolution Movement Generation 01/08/2015
Arise! Introduction by Jess Clarke Jess Clarke 10/21/2014
California to Direct Clean Energy Funds to Low-Income Communities Vien Truong 05/23/2013
Foreclosure Struggle Continues Robbie Clark 05/23/2013
Climate Transit Connection Jess Clarke 02/22/2013
New Era for Transit Finance Imai Lindsay 02/22/2013
Transportation Sales Tax Defeated in Los Angeles Eric Roman 02/22/2013
Youth Score Win for Free MUNI Passes Rene Ciria-Cruz 02/22/2013
Community Organizing Wins Transit Jobs Laura Barrett 02/21/2013
Planning for Climate Diaster: Resilient Communities Respond Jeff Conant 02/06/2013
The View from Havana Bob Allen 07/05/2012
Homeless Push Back-- Take Over Vacant Building in San Francisco Lydia Gans and Terry Messman 07/05/2012
The Road Ahead for Atlanta Nathaniel Smith 06/29/2012
Atlanta: Unsafe at Any Speed 06/29/2012
Affordable Housing Hit Hard by Redevelopment Agency Closures Rene Ciria-Cruz 06/22/2012
Foreclosure Crisis Meets Occupy Effect Eric Arnold 06/21/2012
Cuba Opens to Private Housing but Preserves Housing Rights Jill Hamberg 06/21/2012
Preserving Affordable Transit-Oriented Housing Michael Bodaken and Todd Nedwick 06/21/2012
New Housing near Highways Threatens Community Health Catalina Garzon 06/14/2012
Yeashan Banks 06/14/2012
San Jose Flea Market Faces BART Expansion, Displacement Ginny Brown 05/27/2011
Lake Tahoe Development Creates "Poverty with a View" Gabriel R. Valle 05/26/2011
Unmodified Irene Florez 05/26/2011
California’s Fight Against Foreclosures Goes National Stein, Bedrossian, Hopson 05/26/2011
Foreclosed Tenants Shut Down Utility Shut-offs Jean Tepperman 05/26/2011
Outsourcing Global Warming Solutions Jeff Conant 05/25/2011
Timber Companies Stand to Benefit from CARB Regulations Mark Schapiro and Sarah Terry-Cobo 05/25/2011
CJ Resources 05/25/2011
AC Transit Riders Fight for their Right to Ride, 55 Years after Montgomery Bob Allen 02/17/2011
Floodlines: Preserving Public Housing in New Orleans Jordan Flaherty 02/04/2011
Public Housing Residents Fight for their Homes Marcy Rein 02/04/2011
Introduction: Catalyst or Catastrophe? B. Jesse Clarke 01/18/2011
Young Activists Revitalize EJ Movement Irene and Virali Florez and Gokaldas 01/14/2011
Transforming the Land-- One Garden at a Time Crystal Carter 01/14/2011
Urban Agriculture in Cuba Mickey and Scott Ellinger and Braley 01/13/2011
Detroiters Find a Way Out of No Way Jose Flores 01/13/2011
"Detroit Shall Burn No More!" Incinerator Fight Heats Up Jeff Conant 01/13/2011
Transit Funding Fight Goes National 12/03/2010
AC Transit Riders Demand a Fair Shake 12/03/2010
MTC Feels the Heat on Civil Rights Title VI Compliance 12/03/2010
San Francisco Riders and Workers Unite for M.O.R.E. Public Transit 12/03/2010
San Francisco Bay Area Transit Justice Movement Emerges Puck Lo 12/03/2010
The Urban Bike Movement: Peace Rides to Scraper Bikes Eric Arnold 11/15/2010
Civil Rights Coaliton Challenges Unfair Transit Project Richard Marcantonio 06/20/2010
Oakland Airport Connector Ignored Civil Rights Laws Juliet Ellis and Mahasin Abdul-Salaam 05/20/2010
De'Anthony Jones--Sidebar De'Anthony Jones 05/20/2010
Leah LaCroix--Sidebar Leah LaCroix 05/20/2010
BART, GM and Bechtel John Gibler 05/20/2010
Transit Workers and Environmentalists Luz DeVerano Cervantes 05/20/2010
End Funding by Discrimination in Public Transit Juliet Ellis 05/20/2010
Bay Area Transit--Separate and Unequal Guillermo Mayer 05/20/2010
Penn Loh: EJ and TJ Penn Loh 04/01/2010
Carbon Fundamentalism vs. Climate Justice Gopal Dayaneni 12/02/2009
Race Poverty & the Environment Climate Justice Speakers Bureau 12/02/2009
U.S. Climate Bill Stalls Real Change in Climate Policy Daphne Wysham 11/30/2009
Resilient Cities: Building Community Control Movement Generation 11/30/2009
The Second Green Revolution Clifton Ross 11/30/2009
Oakland Coalition Charts New Course on Climate Strategy Al Weinrub 11/29/2009
San Francisco’s Climate Plan Wade Crowfoot 11/28/2009
Urban Food Co-op Tackles Economic Empowerment Dana Harvey 11/20/2009
Chevron in Richmond Ellen Choy 11/20/2009
National Council of Churches Calls for Climate Action Cassandra Carmichael 11/19/2009
Lisa Gray Garcia, a.k.a. Tiny—Voices of Climate Justice Lisa, a.k.a. Tiny Gray-Garcia 11/19/2009
SB 375 and Racism Kisasi Brooks 11/19/2009
Voices of Climate Justice 11/19/2009
Unnatural Commodities: Who Owns Nature? Rachel Smolker 11/18/2009
Central Valley Water Woes By Amy Vanderwarker Amy Vanderwarker 11/18/2009
Reinventing Food Systems Marty Fujita 11/18/2009
AB32: Energy Retrofits Tara Marchant 11/18/2009
A Trust Fund for California’s Poor Communities Evelyn Marcelina Rangel-Medina 11/18/2009
Sustainable Planning under SB 375 Urban Habitat 11/18/2009
Planning for Climate Change Rebecca Carter 11/18/2009
Federal Transportation Act Francisca Porchas 11/18/2009
The Case for Holistic Economic Transformation Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan 11/18/2009
Youth Group Shuts Down Toxic Waste Facility Vu-Bang Nguyen 11/18/2009
Climate Change Could Bring Toxic Deluge to Bayview Carol Harvey 11/18/2009
Incinerators in Delhi Threaten Waste-Pickers Daphne Wysham 11/18/2009
Closing Bayview-Hunters Point Power Plants Joshua Arce 11/18/2009
Manufacturing Affordable Housing Kathryn Goulding 11/16/2009
War, Climate, and Women Maryam Roberts 11/13/2009
Mililani Trask: Indigenous Views Mililani Trask 11/13/2009
Just Climate Policy —Just Racial Policy Andrew J. Hoerner 11/13/2009
Ensuring a Clean Energy Economy for All Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins 11/13/2009
Youth in Action: Greening Hip Hop Eric Arnold 11/13/2009
Carmen Rojas—Voices of Climate Justice Carmen Rojas 11/12/2009
Table of Contents— Climate Change: Catalyst or Catastrophe? Race, Poverty & the Environment 08/27/2009
Resources on Climate Change Race, Poverty & the Environment 08/27/2009
Hobos to Street People 05/22/2009
Right of Return 05/22/2009
Richmond Residents are REDI for Housing Rights 05/22/2009
Mortgage Meltdown 05/22/2009
Organizing and Winning in Oakland Chinatown Chin Jurn Wor Ping (CJWP) 05/22/2009
From the Director's Desk 05/20/2009
Everyone Has the Right to... From the Editor B. Jesse Clarke 05/20/2009
A Place to Hang a Hat: Property Rights and the Law 05/18/2009
Rights Roundtable 03/19/2009
Predatory Lending and Foreclosure 01/07/2009
Does the Marin Transportation System Shut Out People of Color? 12/17/2008
An Equity Analysis of Transportation Funding 12/17/2008
Race, Class, and Real Estate Sheryll Cashin 12/17/2008
Growing Smarter to Achieve Livable Communities and Regional Equity 12/12/2008
Atchison Village: A cooperative in Richmond Changes with the Times Marcy Rein 06/20/2008
Turning Swords into Ploughshares 04/24/2008
Removing the Poor through Land Use and Planning Susana Almanza 04/24/2008
Without Housing, Without Rights 04/23/2008
Can Redevelopment Slow the Black Middle Class Exodus? 04/23/2008
Tenants Plus Land Trust Beat Gentrification 04/23/2008
Selling Our City To Lennar Corporation 04/23/2008
Hope VI Mixed-Income Housing Projects Displace Poor People 04/23/2008
New Orleans Black Diaspora: Will the Residents Come Back? Beverley Wright 04/23/2008
Tax Credits for Developers, Bulldozers for the Poor Bill Quigley 04/23/2008
Segregated Housing: Martin Luther King to Cabrini Green 04/23/2008
One-on-One Organizing for Affordable Housing Near Transit 09/28/2007
Metro Rail, Social Justice, and Urban Form Raymond Rhodes 06/06/2007
Discrimination in Transportation: Who Decides? 05/31/2007
Combating Gentrification Through Equitable Development 05/09/2007
Debunking False Solutions Sasha Lilley 08/11/2006
Transportation and Social Justice (Fall 1995) 08/09/2006
About this issue Ben Jesse Clarke 08/04/2006
Contaminated Contracting in Post-Katrina New Orleans Rita J. King 08/04/2006
Overcoming Structural Racism Maya Wiley 08/04/2006
Climate Justice for Black New Orleans Eric Mann 08/04/2006
Youth Organize for Planetary Survival Jihan Gearon 08/04/2006
Toward a Just Climate Policy J.Andrew Hoerner 08/04/2006
Indigenous Power: A New Energy Economy Winona LaDuke 08/04/2006
Climate Justice (Getting Ready for Change) Race, Poverty & the Environment 08/04/2006
Fixin to Stay (Summer 2002) 08/02/2006
A Blueprint for Greener Buildings 03/03/2006
Resources for Transportation Justice 12/15/2005
Creating Great Communities in the San Francisco Bay Area Jeff Hobson 12/15/2005
Curitiba Bus System is Model for Rapid Transit 12/15/2005
Transit Oriented Development Revitalizes Chicago Neighborhood 12/15/2005
Transportation Solutions Todd Litman 12/15/2005
Transit Unions: Key Allies in the Struggle for Transportation Justice 12/08/2005
Federal Money--Local Jobs 12/08/2005
A National Transportation Equity Movement for Real Human Needs 12/08/2005
Campaign Targets Diesel Trucks and Buses 12/08/2005
Pittsburgh Youth Promote Environmental Justice 12/08/2005
Free Transportation to Get Our Education 12/08/2005
LA Bus Riders' Union Rolls Over Transit Racism Geoff Ray 12/08/2005
Breathe At Your Own Risk: Transit Justice in West Harlem 12/08/2005
T Riders' Union: A Tale of Two Campaigns in Boston 12/08/2005
Transportation for Health Lili Farhang and Rajiv Bhatia 12/08/2005
DWI: Driving While Immigrant 12/08/2005
Port Privatization in Central America David Bacon 12/08/2005
Port of Oakland: Private Industry or Public Agency Clarke & Baba 12/08/2005
Impacts and Actions 12/08/2005
Power and Accountability in Transit Governance 12/08/2005
Overcoming Roadblocks to Transportation Justice Jeff Hobson 12/08/2005
Highway Robbery in Boston: Bechtel 12/08/2005
BART, GM and Bechtel: Protecting Property Values in the San Francisco Financial District 12/08/2005
Bay Area Transit--Separate and Unequal 12/08/2005
End Race Discrimination in Public Transport Today 11/29/2005
All Transit Is Not Created Equal 11/29/2005
An Environmental Justice Strategy for Urban Transportation 11/29/2005
WEB SPECIAL: The Anatomy of Transportation Racism 11/28/2005
The New Face of Agriculture Anuradha Mittal 10/18/2005
Grassroots Internationalism Eric Mann 10/10/2005
Moving the Movement 08/09/2005