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Articles about Racial and Gender Justice + Economic Justice + Urban Justice

First Name Last Name Post Datesort descending
Subsidizing Sprawl 07/18/2005
Power of Place and Space 10/04/2005
BART, GM and Bechtel: Protecting Property Values in the San Francisco Financial District 12/08/2005
Highway Robbery in Boston: Bechtel 12/08/2005
Overcoming Roadblocks to Transportation Justice Jeff Hobson 12/08/2005
Power and Accountability in Transit Governance 12/08/2005
LA Bus Riders' Union Rolls Over Transit Racism Geoff Ray 12/08/2005
Federal Money--Local Jobs 12/08/2005
Transportation Solutions Todd Litman 12/15/2005
Transit Oriented Development Revitalizes Chicago Neighborhood 12/15/2005
Creating Great Communities in the San Francisco Bay Area Jeff Hobson 12/15/2005
Equity and the Environment: Rebuilding Green - Rebuilding Black 08/04/2006
What is Green Economics? Brian Milani 08/04/2006
Economic Watersheds Paul Hawken 08/04/2006
Green is the New Black Majora Carter 08/04/2006
The Greening Economy Jackie Tsou 08/10/2006
Organizing for Green Industries in Los Angeles 08/10/2006
Greening Affordable Housing 08/10/2006
Green Collar Jobs Raquel Pinderhughes 08/10/2006
Clean and Green Co-op Margi Clarke 08/11/2006
The Berkeley Model: Less Waste - More Jobs Martin Bourque 08/11/2006
Green Jobs Cleaning Brownfields Preeti Shekar 08/11/2006
Green Landscapes in Washington D.C Dawn Gifford 08/11/2006
We Make the Path by Walking Clifton Ross 08/11/2006
Fastest Growing Jobs: Are You Handy with Bedpans and Brooms? Barbara Ehrenreich 02/28/2007
The Poor People's Campaign Terry Messman 03/07/2007
Rooted in Slavery: Prison Labor Exploitation Jaron Browne 03/14/2007
Combating Gentrification Through Equitable Development 05/09/2007
A New Model: Participatory Planning for Sustainable Community Development 05/09/2007
Organizing for Justice on the Border 05/09/2007
Place and Diverse Communities: The Search for a Perfect Fit 05/16/2007
Community Jobs in the Green Economy 05/17/2007
Bringing It All Back Home 05/31/2007
An Indigenous Perspective on Feminism, Militarism, and the Environment 05/31/2007
Notes from the Editors Luke Cole, Carl Anthony & Hannah Creighton 06/06/2007
Optimum Human Population Size 06/06/2007
Why Migration? 06/06/2007
Metro Rail, Social Justice, and Urban Form Raymond Rhodes 06/06/2007
Struggles Unite Native Peoples Billy Redwing Tayac 06/06/2007
Discovering Columbus: Re-Reading the Past 06/06/2007
The Color of California Water Politics 06/06/2007
Transforming a Movement 06/13/2007
The Color of Election 2000: A Look at the Resurgence of Electoral Racism 06/13/2007
From The Director's Desk 04/23/2008
Who Takes Ownership of the City? 04/23/2008
Livable Communities Carl Anthony 04/23/2008
Claiming the Right to the City 04/23/2008
Gentrifying Downtown Miami Tony Roshan Samara and Grace Chang 04/23/2008
Tax Credits for Developers, Bulldozers for the Poor Bill Quigley 04/23/2008
New Orleans Black Diaspora: Will the Residents Come Back? Beverley Wright 04/23/2008
Privatizing Public Services Imperils Cities Amanda Witherell 04/23/2008
Visions of Richmond, California Scott Braley, Sheryl Lane, B. Jesse Clarke 04/23/2008
Pay Dirt: State Tax Policies Drive Local Land Use Policies to Ground 04/23/2008
Coyote Valley: Building it Right 04/23/2008
Removing the Poor through Land Use and Planning Susana Almanza 04/24/2008
People Power In San Francisco: The Mission Coalition Mike Miller 04/24/2008
Saving Community Gardens in NYC: Land Trusts and Organizing 04/24/2008
PlaNYC: EJ Group takes the Inside Track to Advocate Sustainability Peggy Shepard 04/24/2008
Community Benefits: New Movement for Equitable Urban Development Madeline Janis 04/24/2008
Community Planning for Power 04/24/2008
Building Schools and Community 04/24/2008
Industrial Land Preservation: Key to Green Jobs Growth Margot Lederer Prado 04/24/2008
Turning Swords into Ploughshares 04/24/2008
In this Issue, Who Owns Our Cities Jesse Clarke 04/24/2008
Atchison Village: A cooperative in Richmond Changes with the Times Marcy Rein 06/20/2008
From the Director's Desk 12/11/2008
The New Majority: Yes We Can! 12/11/2008
Growing Smarter to Achieve Livable Communities and Regional Equity 12/12/2008
Breaking Through to Regional Equity 12/12/2008
On Race and Regionalism 12/12/2008
Resources for Race and Regionalism 12/16/2008
“We’re in This Together” An interview with Danny Glover 12/17/2008
Is Integration Possible? John a. powell 12/17/2008
Pride and Prejudice 12/17/2008
American Babylon: Black Panthers and Proposition 13 12/17/2008
Civil Rights: Now and Then 12/17/2008
Race, Class, and Real Estate Sheryll Cashin 12/17/2008
Incarceration vs. Education: Manning Marable 12/17/2008
Segregation is Still Wrong and Still Pervasive 12/17/2008
Metrics of Regional Equity 12/17/2008
Does the Marin Transportation System Shut Out People of Color? 12/17/2008
Traffic Causes Death and Disease in San Francisco Neighborhood 12/17/2008
Bay Area Health Inequities Bob Prentice 12/17/2008
In this Issue - From the Editor 12/31/2008
Recording of the roundtable interview "Regional Equity Goes National" 01/07/2009
Predatory Lending and Foreclosure 01/07/2009
Dear Tatiana (video) 02/04/2009
Rest in Power Oscar Grant 02/06/2009
Nina Sparks - Photography 02/06/2009
Carina Lomeli - Painting 02/11/2009
Various Artists - Other Cultural Works 02/18/2009
Youth Movement Records - Never Will Be Forgotten 02/18/2009
Adrienne Miller - Photography 02/27/2009
I am Oscar Grant - Various Artists 03/04/2009
R.I.P. Oscar Grant - Various Artists 03/06/2009
Forty One Shots and Nineteen Hits 03/13/2009
Graffiti Memorializing Oscar Grant 03/13/2009
Teach More Culture 03/18/2009
Khalil, StudioBendib - Comic 03/23/2009
Slide Show (a poem) Carrie Leilam Love 03/23/2009
Shelton Santos - Art Design 03/30/2009
Protesting Police Brutality: A Mural in Progress - Various Artists Christine Joy Ferrer 03/30/2009
Carl Anthony: Earth Day and Environmental Justice - Then and Now Carl Anthony 04/22/2009
Allensworth Freedom Colony 05/20/2009
Greening for All Marcy Rein 06/26/2009
john a. powell: Regionalism and Race john powell 03/01/2010
Space, Place, and Regionalism 05/20/2010
Energy Policy and Inner City Abandonment Carl Anthony 05/20/2010
Who Takes Ownership of the City? Rick Cole 05/20/2010
Black Political Power: Mayors, Municipalities, and Money J. Douglas Allen-Taylor 05/20/2010
The War on Drugs and the New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander 05/20/2010
20 Years of Social and Environmental Justice B. Jesse Clarke 05/20/2010
Women Re-energize the Movement: Panel Discussion Hernandez 10/15/2010
Structural Racism and Leadership Deborah Meehan 12/07/2010
Public Housing Residents Fight for their Homes Marcy Rein 02/04/2011
Floodlines: Preserving Public Housing in New Orleans Jordan Flaherty 02/04/2011
Social Cartography: The Art of Using Maps to Build Community Power Moore and Garzon 02/04/2011
Foreclosed Tenants Shut Down Utility Shut-offs Jean Tepperman 05/26/2011
Lake Tahoe Development Creates "Poverty with a View" Gabriel R. Valle 05/26/2011
Building Transit Oriented Community in Oakland's Chinatown Vivian Huang 05/27/2011
Transit Oriented Displacement: Circa 1965 Lindsey Lee Keel 05/27/2011
San Jose Flea Market Faces BART Expansion, Displacement Ginny Brown 05/27/2011
Equitable Growth: Turning Diversity into an Asset 05/27/2011
Chicago School Trains Inner City Youth for Manufacturing Jobs Erica Swinney 05/27/2011
European Living Cities Model Coming to the States Tamar Shapiro 05/27/2011
The Oakland Renaissance: A Blessing for Some Eric K. Arnold 05/27/2011
Los Angeles Coalition Wins Health Clinic and Jobs from Developer Diana Pei Wu 05/27/2011
Bringing Back the Black J. Douglas Allen-Taylor 05/27/2011
Food Workers—Wages and Race Yvonne Yen Liu 05/27/2011
Restaurants and Race Saru Jayaraman 05/27/2011
On Occupy Angela Davis, Rev. James Lawson, Silvia Federici and more 12/11/2011
Power Shift in Chicago Claudia Rowe 12/15/2011
A Commissioner’s Perspective on California’s Redistricting Connie Galambos Malloy 12/15/2011
California Redistricting Preserves Black Voice in State Politics Marqueece Harris-Dawson 12/15/2011
Voting Rights are Local Rights Gil Cedillo 12/16/2011
Redistricting 2011: Latinos Want Stronger Voice Based on Numbers Arturo Vargas 12/16/2011
GOP’s Redistricting Plans Impede Latino Representation in Texas Khalil Abdullah 12/16/2011
New Laws Target Right to Vote in 12 States John Celock 12/16/2011
Organizing for Community Control in Madison Cynthia Lin 12/16/2011
Immigration and Mass Incarceration James Kilgore 12/16/2011
Angela Davis Angela Davis 12/16/2011
Equity: The Superior Growth Model Treuhaft, Blackwell, Pastor 12/16/2011
By the Numbers: Black Flight in the S.F. Bay Area Frank Lopez 01/11/2012
Occupying the Future, Starting at the Roots Diana Pei Wu 05/16/2012
Building Bridges Is not Enough A Smith 06/20/2012
Privatizing Public Education: The Neoliberal Model Lois Weiner 06/20/2012
Voter Suppression Disenfranchises Millions By Scott Keyes, Ian Millhiser, Tobin Van Oste 06/21/2012
Communities of Color Organize against Urban Land Grabs Darwin Bond-Graham and Yvonne Yen Liu 06/21/2012
Oakland Civic Auditorium: Delivered Vacant J. Douglas 06/22/2012
Redevelopment: After the Fall Lefall, Bruce and Rein 06/22/2012
Affordable Housing Hit Hard by Redevelopment Agency Closures Rene Ciria-Cruz 06/22/2012
Disneyfication of Downtown Oakland Drummond-Cole and Bond-Graham 06/22/2012
Beyond Public/Private: Understanding Corporate Power john a. powell and Stephen Menendian 06/22/2012
From the Camps to the Neighborhoods Ellen Choy 06/22/2012
Latino, Black Political Clout Grows in Florida and North Carolina Chris Kromm 06/27/2012
New Battleground States: Georgia and Arizona Kirk Clay 06/27/2012
Sit-ins and Voter Registration in 1960 Bruce Hartford 06/27/2012
Selma to Montgomery March: From Voting Rights to Immigration 1965-2012 Alma Campos 06/27/2012
California's Broken Ballot Initiative System Endangers Civil Rights Michelle Romero 06/29/2012
Students for Quality Education Decolonize the University Nicholas Baham III 06/29/2012
New Political Spaces: Introduction B. Jesse Clarke 07/01/2012
Homeless Push Back-- Take Over Vacant Building in San Francisco Lydia Gans and Terry Messman 07/05/2012
The View from Havana Bob Allen 07/05/2012
Web Special: Citizenship Verification, Obstacle to Voter Registration and Participation Ana Henderson 07/06/2012
Web Special: Communities Organize Against Banks Eric Arnold 07/06/2012
The Means of Reproduction Rudman Lisa 01/25/2013
Women's Work Selma James 02/15/2013
Who Plans Our Cities? Marcy Rein 05/23/2013
Racial Equity: New Cornerstone of Transit Oriented Development Rebecca Saldana 05/23/2013
Advocates Compel Facebook to Like Affordable Housing Rene Ciria-Cruz 05/23/2013
Racialized Public Space Maya Wiley 05/23/2013
Reimagine Everything Grace Lee Boggs 01/30/2014
Arise! Introduction by Jess Clarke Jess Clarke 10/21/2014
The Fire This Time: Ferguson Alicia Garza 03/21/2015
Democracy vs. Development Oakland Wins a Round J. Douglas Allen-Taylor 04/23/2015
Gentrification is Making Us Sick Zoë Levitt 05/13/2015
We Will Not Be Moved Dawn Phillips 05/14/2015
Planning for People, Not Profit Dawn Phillips 05/14/2015
More About the Cultural Exchange and Festival Cruz Joana 05/18/2015
Roots of Social Justice Organizing in Silicon Valley David Bacon 01/22/2016
Silicon Valley: Riders, Renters and Workers Rise 02/08/2016
Growing Up Black Jarrel Phillips 02/08/2016
Living Black Kheven LaGrone 02/09/2016
Muhammad University No. 26 Wanda Sabir 02/09/2016
Remembering the Booker T. Washington Hotel Jacqueline Chauhan 02/09/2016
Glimpse of the Point Johanna B. 02/09/2016
Kaleidoscope Energy Julianne Maleveaux 02/09/2016
Playland Charles Curtis Blackwell 02/09/2016
Geneva Towers Mark Johnson 02/09/2016
Seeds and Soul: Interview with Joana Cruz Christine Joy Ferrer 03/04/2016
Conversations on Race and Resistance - March 23 - Release Party at Baobab in Oakland 03/10/2016
Business Improvement Districts Take Over Cities: One-Dollar/One-Vote Jess Clarke 04/12/2016
Black Love—Resistance and Liberation Alicia Garza 05/03/2016
Black Lives Matter Allies in Change Margi Clarke and Preeti Shekar 05/03/2016
Street Knowledge: Power for Positive Change Nicole Lee 05/03/2016
Heritage of Healing: Ecology of Hope Kelly Curry 05/03/2016
Re(Collecting) - Curated by Kheven Lagrone kheven lagrone 05/10/2016
Black Past and Presence - Curated by Jarrel Phillips Jarrel Phillips 05/10/2016
I Am San Francisco Kheven Lagrone and Jarrel Phillips 05/11/2016
“School Reform” and Land Grabs Threaten SF’s Community College Marcy Rein 09/15/2016
Rysing Womyn: Art. Activism. Transformation. Cat Brooks 10/10/2016
The Trump Moment: We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For Dawn Phillips 11/09/2016
The Moving Art House Christine Joy Ferrer 01/10/2017
Where Revolution Abounds An Interview with Emory Douglas by Jarrel Phillips 03/19/2017
Time Runs Short to Stop SF Public Land Giveaway Marcy Rein and Christine Hanson 04/02/2017
Homeless Residents Build Intentional Community in Berkeley David Bacon 05/30/2017
Mestre Urubu Malandro 05/31/2017
Thomas Robert Simpson Thomas Simpson 05/31/2017
Stewart Shaw Stewart Shaw 05/31/2017
Kristine Mays Kristine Mays 05/31/2017
The Living Matter: Honoring Those in Our Midst Opal Palmer Adisa 06/01/2017
Why Does Your Life Matter? Opal Adisa 06/01/2017
A Call to Cultural Transformation Steve Martinot 06/01/2017
Gentrified Violence J. Douglas Allen Taylor 06/01/2017
Black Lives Matter: Opening a Second Front J. Douglas Allen-Taylor 06/01/2017
Movement in Motion Eric K. Arnold 06/01/2017
The BLM Effect: Hashtags, History and Race Eric K. Arnold 06/01/2017
Her Arkipelago Christine Ferrer 06/01/2017
Resist! Dawn Phillips 06/02/2017
Renter Nation Rises Jess Clarke 10/03/2017
Good Cop / Bad City: Oakland Police on Screen in “The Force” Robin Balliger 11/29/2017
Resist, Restore, Rejuvenate (Introduction) Jess Clarke 12/01/2017
After Seven Long Years, Freedom Victoria Law 02/13/2018
Restorative Justice for Families Jo Bauen 02/13/2018
Radical Power of Restorative Justice Lisa Dettmer 02/13/2018
I Am San Francisco Exhibit - Closing Reception, Feb. 22, 2018 - 6-9pm Free! 02/14/2018
Oscar Grant; Rest in Power Christine Joy Ferrer 01/01/2019
Oscar Grant Memorial Arts Project Race Poverty & the Envrionment 01/01/2019
The Economics of Climate Change Noam Chomsky 04/01/2019
Mujeres Mágicas - Domestic Workers Right to Write Las Malcriadas et al. Muñiz-Pagán 03/01/2020
Conversations on Race and Resistance Jess Clarke 05/31/2020
Earthquake: Environmental Justice Plays 10/25/20 7 pm 10/23/2020
EVENT: Free City College Marcy Rein, Mickey Ellinger, and Vicki Legion 05/09/2021
Commentary: From the Ground Up: Solutions for Health Equity James Head 09/15/2021