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Environmental Health (News)

Memorial for workers who killed themselves at the factory making iPads

Submitted by News Desk on Tue, 07/06/2010 - 12:09pm

Chinese immigrants and Chinese-Americans in San Francisco protest the long hours and bad conditions at the Foxconn factory in southern China, where the Apple iPad is manufactured.  They lined up in front of Apple's flagship store in San Francisco, holding signs with the names of workers at the factory who have committed suicide because of the conditions.
     Those conditions include 80 hours of overtime a month, according to the Chinese media.   Chinese law limits overtime to 36 hours per month.  No one is allowed to talk on the production line, and workers complain of constant high line speed and speedup.  Most workers live in huge dormitories, where often 12 people share a room.The suicides include a man who jumped from a dormitory.  He'd worked there for two years.  Another man, recently hired, slit his wrists and was taken to a hospital.  A woman hanged herself in the bathroom, and a man drowned in a company swimming pool.  The latest person committed suicide right after Foxconn's head, Terry Guo, had visited the factory and taken journalists on a tour.

Congress OKs Final Changes to Healthcare Overhaul

Submitted by News Desk on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 12:42pm

Congress has approved a package of final changes to the landmark healthcare overhaul. The House of Representatives put the finishing touches on the bill Thursday night after the Senate approved the package on a 56-43 vote. The reconciliation package does not include a public insurance option, though backers of the plan said they will work to see it implemented in follow-up legislation.

Chinese report documents human rights disaster in the United States

Submitted by News Desk on Fri, 03/19/2010 - 11:54am

The United States is the only country in the world that claims to be superior in every aspect, especially in human rights, and that lie is again exposed, this time by a report from China on the United States, all from US sources. The US is in fact a backward cesspool, the most backward country in the industrialized world.

Workers Concerned about Quality of care in Alameda County's Correctional Facilities

Submitted by News Desk on Thu, 03/11/2010 - 4:43pm

Prison Strike Update: Prevented From Delivering Care, Healthcare Workers Locked-Out of Alameda County Jails Hold Candlelight Vigil

OAKLAND, CA – Nurses, physician’s assistants, dental assistants and others who provide medical care at Alameda County’s two correctional facilities held a candlelight vigil outside the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility after being prevented from returning to work by their employer, Prison Health Services, following a one-day unfair labor practices strike.

Billionaires for Wealthcare Counter-Protest Healthcare Demo and Defend Blue Cross

Submitted by News Desk on Fri, 02/26/2010 - 4:24pm

While Americans express anger at predatory insurance practices, Billionaires for Wealthcare say: "Let them eat Advil". As the Senate prepares for a huge vote on health care legislation, on February 25th residents from San Francisco and surrounding areas gathered at Blue Cross offices at 2 Embarcadero Center to highlight the need for robust reform. These demonstrators came face-to-face with Billionaire defenders of Blue Cross' right to do whatever they damn well please.

Members of Billionares for Wealthcare demanded honor and respect for the personhood of Blue Cross, and took the opportunity to announce the ticket of Blue Cross/Palin for 2012.

Farm Worker Communities Drinking Contaminated Water in Riverside

Submitted by News Desk on Fri, 02/26/2010 - 3:56pm
RIVERSIDE, Calif. -– Dangerously high amounts of arsenic have been found in dozens of tanks that provide drinking water to farm workers in Riverside County, according to a report by Spanish-language daily La

The arsenic problem has been confirmed in 23 motor home settlements, occupied primarily by Hispanic laborers, where at least 10,000 to 15,000 residents have been consuming the tainted water. The water tanks are connected to underground wells, that have been found to obtain elevated levels of arsenic, aluminum, iron and other metals.


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