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BART launching study to address safety issues

Submitted by News Desk on Sat, 03/15/2008 - 10:00pm

SAN LEANDRO -- Turning the Bayfair BART station into a transit plaza, replete with mixed-use housing and possibly some retail and commercial space, sounds grand.

But before any new ideas about mixed-use development at Bayfair get off the ground, the necessity of dealing with the BART station's safety and security problems seems like a no-brainer, some say.

Bridge board OKs 'congestion' toll

Submitted by News Desk on Fri, 03/14/2008 - 10:00pm

A new "congestion" toll was approved Friday by Golden Gate Bridge officials, but the money it generates won't be used to rebuild Doyle Drive.

The amount of the new commuter toll - which is in addition to plans for an overall toll increase - will remain in limbo pending more discussion.

One Marin activist said the plan amounted to Marin commuters being told to "bend over."

From Autopia to Autogeddon: Cars Reach the End of the Road

Submitted by News Desk on Wed, 03/12/2008 - 10:00pm

Like the horse and buggy one hundred years ago, the automobile is no longer viewed so favorably as a means of getting around. It is regarded as nearly as foul and smelly as the horses that at the turn of the century deposited some 2.5 million pounds of manure and 60,000 gallons of urine on the streets of New York. In addition to their own waste, horses died and had to be disposed of, posing a significant public health risk. Approximately 15,000 dead horses were removed from the streets of New York each year.



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