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S.F. supes, planners spar over developments

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A San Francisco Board of Supervisors committee debated two measures Monday aimed at squeezing more low- and moderate-income housing out of development projects at Treasure Island and in an upper Market Street area near Octavia Boulevard.

The first measure, proposed by Supervisor Chris Daly, urged developers of a planned residential community at Treasure Island to increase the number of homes they sell or rent at below market rates from 30 percent to 50 percent of all housing constructed.


Dellums offers ideas on affordable housing

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OAKLAND — Mayor Ron Dellums has weighed in on the city's affordable-housing debate, penning a letter to the City Council asking councilmembers to consider a bevy of his ideas at a meeting later this month.

Dellums' proposals were months in the waiting, as affordable-housing advocates have hoped the mayor can break a logjam on the council over the issue.

Black flight - Presentation to UCSF medical students Feb. 15, 2008

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Presentation to UCSF medical students Feb. 15, 2008

"It was only when the Redevelopment Agency began to acquire buildings, evict occupants, and demolish structures, and urban renewal became a living, frightening reality, that real participation of the area's residents began, as they organized to defend themselves." - Chester Hartman, "City for Sale," University of California Press 2002

Marin City housing study passes in heated session

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A $100,000 study of what needs to be done to fix public housing in the county was approved Tuesday by the Marin Housing Authority Board in a volatile session marked by emotional exchanges.

About 25 people, many of whom reside in Marin City public housing units, attended the morning session after recent discussion of tearing down and rebuilding some of the low-rent Golden Gate Village apartment complex as an option to stem budget woes.

"I don't totally believe housing is getting ready to crumble," said Herb Wade of Marin City.


Anti-Lennar group turns in signatures

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Lennar, the Miami-based developer backing a June initiative authorizing the redevelopment of the Hunters Point shipyard and Candlestick Point, may well have some competition on the ballot.

Supervisor Chris Daly and about 25 activists, ministers and residents of Bayview-Hunters Point took petitions they said contained more than 11,000 signatures of city residents to the Elections Department on Monday in attempt to get a competing measure on the June 3 ballot.


10,000 signatures plus in a record 10 days will silence LENNAR and the MAFIA forever!

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