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Articles about Art, Cultural Resistance & Transformation

First Name Last Name Post Date
The Earth Is the Only One Telling the Truth 04/22/2021
Mujeres Mágicas - Domestic Workers Right to Write Las Malcriadas et al. Muñiz-Pagán 03/01/2020
Somethin’ Ain’t Right: A Play - 6:00 pm, Thurs, Jan. 30 Kelly Curry 01/27/2020
I Am San Francisco: Black Past and Presence Jarrel Phillips 11/07/2019
Right to Write! 8/11 Readings at SF Library — East Side Arts Alliance Las Malcriadas 07/25/2019
Oscar Grant Memorial Arts Project Race Poverty & the Envrionment 01/01/2019
Oscar Grant; Rest in Power Christine Joy Ferrer 01/01/2019
Nool - Threads: Preeti Shekar Interviews Anuj Vaidya 12/14/2018
CLAWS Works in Progress Show - Friday November 16, 7:30pm 11/01/2018
I Am San Francisco Exhibit - Closing Reception, Feb. 22, 2018 - 6-9pm Free! 02/14/2018
Radical Power of Restorative Justice Lisa Dettmer 02/13/2018
Restorative Justice for Families Jo Bauen 02/13/2018
December 16, 7-9:30 pm: Smoothies • Snacks • Socializing • Storytelling • Movement • Dance 12/08/2017
I AM SF - Resist, Restore, Rejuvenate - RP+E Release 12/01/2017
Good Cop / Bad City: Oakland Police on Screen in “The Force” Robin Balliger 11/29/2017
Independent Outlets Have Outsized Impact Jo Ellen Green Kaiser 11/09/2017
Theater Intensive: Oct 14-15, 2017 Collaborative Liberation Arts Workshop Series CLAWS 09/17/2017
Kindred Voices Workshop Pre-Registration CLAWS 09/11/2017
Her Arkipelago Christine Ferrer 06/01/2017
Kristine Mays Kristine Mays 05/31/2017
Stewart Shaw Stewart Shaw 05/31/2017
Thomas Robert Simpson Thomas Simpson 05/31/2017
Mestre Urubu Malandro 05/31/2017
What Does Home Mean to You? William Rhodes 05/30/2017
Diaspora Marketa Smith-Groves 05/30/2017
Stardust Devorah Major 05/30/2017
Healing and Heritage 05/30/2017
Alma Robinson Alma Robinson 05/30/2017
Mohammed Soriano Bilal Mohammed Bilal 05/30/2017
Dr. Amos Brown Amos Brown 05/30/2017
Sophie Maxwell Sophie Maxwell 05/30/2017
Wanda Marie Holland Greene Wanda Holland Greene 05/30/2017
Xavier Estrella Schmidt Xavier Schmidt 05/30/2017
Our San Francisco 05/30/2017
Redefining Blackness 05/30/2017
Art of Living Black Aliyah Dunn-Saladuddin 05/30/2017
Introduction Jarrel Phillips 05/30/2017
Spring 2017-Movement Metamorphosis {Registration) 04/03/2017
Where Revolution Abounds An Interview with Emory Douglas by Jarrel Phillips 03/19/2017
The Moving Art House Christine Joy Ferrer 01/10/2017
Rysing Womyn: Art. Activism. Transformation. Cat Brooks 10/10/2016
I Am San Francisco Kheven Lagrone and Jarrel Phillips 05/11/2016
Black Past and Presence - Curated by Jarrel Phillips Jarrel Phillips 05/10/2016
Re(Collecting) - Curated by Kheven Lagrone kheven lagrone 05/10/2016
Black Love—Resistance and Liberation Alicia Garza 05/03/2016
Conversations on Race and Resistance - March 23 - Release Party at Baobab in Oakland 03/10/2016
Seeds and Soul: Interview with Joana Cruz Christine Joy Ferrer 03/04/2016
This Little Black Girl Kristine Mays 02/09/2016
Geneva Towers Mark Johnson 02/09/2016
Playland Charles Curtis Blackwell 02/09/2016
Kaleidoscope Energy Julianne Maleveaux 02/09/2016
Glimpse of the Point Johanna B. 02/09/2016
Remembering the Booker T. Washington Hotel Jacqueline Chauhan 02/09/2016
Muhammad University No. 26 Wanda Sabir 02/09/2016
Living Black Kheven LaGrone 02/09/2016
Growing Up Black Jarrel Phillips 02/08/2016
Our Culture Bearers 02/08/2016
McDeath Amanda "Panda" Deda 01/03/2016
How We Play: Play as a Form of Cultural Resistance Jarrel Phillips 07/23/2015
Creative Placemaking—A Cautionary Tale Megan Wilson 07/23/2015
Sustaining Cultural and Creative Spaces 07/13/2015
More About the Cultural Exchange and Festival Cruz Joana 05/18/2015
Interview with Stella Adelman, DMT Theater and Adult Program Manager 04/17/2015
The Beat of 24th and Mission Christine Joy Ferrer 04/17/2015
Claiming Our Voice Panel Discussion 10/22/2014
Interview with Krissy Keefer, DMT Artistic Director of Dance Brigade and Grrrl Brigade 10/22/2014
Eyes Opened: My Exit Review Christine Joy Ferrer 02/20/2013
Reflections of Activistas 07/12/2012
Angela Davis Angela Davis 12/16/2011
The Oakland Renaissance: A Blessing for Some Eric K. Arnold 05/27/2011
Young Activists Revitalize EJ Movement Irene and Virali Florez and Gokaldas 01/14/2011
Detroiters Find a Way Out of No Way Jose Flores 01/13/2011
The Urban Bike Movement: Peace Rides to Scraper Bikes Eric Arnold 11/15/2010
Youth in Action: Greening Hip Hop Eric Arnold 11/13/2009
Hobos to Street People 05/22/2009
Protesting Police Brutality: A Mural in Progress - Various Artists Christine Joy Ferrer 03/30/2009
Graffiti Memorializing Oscar Grant 03/13/2009
I am Oscar Grant - Various Artists 03/04/2009
Melanie Cervantes & Jesus Barraza - Poster 02/06/2009