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Transportation Investments and Job Creation

[8] SOR 2011 C. 2011 Scott BraleyBecause transportation investments have proven to be an effective method of creating quality jobs, government agencies have historically used such investments as an economic development tool. In this session, we brought together elected officials, government staff, policy experts, labor leaders, and transportation justice advocates from around the region to identify which transportation investments have the largest potential for creating quality jobs in the Bay Area, which communities would most likely benefit from these investments, and what strategies we could employ to win equitable transportation funding decisions.

Presenter Bios
Andreas Cluver is secretary-treasurer for the Alameda County Building Trades Council, and has been working for the labor movement for the last 12 years as a business representative for the building trades.Andreas Cluver - SOR 2011 C. 2011 Scott Braley Prior to his work with the labor movement, Cluver worked with community groups and the City of Oakland as a compliance officer to ensure that Oakland residents had access to the good union apprenticeships and jobs generated by public works projects.  Cluver also worked with local community groups to strengthen community participation in the planning process, and helped to develop policies that would ensure that downtown development would benefit all of Oakland’s neighborhoods.  Cluver worked as a consultant evaluating job training programs designed to assist farm and dislocated workers.  Finally, Cluver spent time in Mozambique working as a project manager overseeing the construction of schools, health posts, and roads in the war-torn country. Claudia Hudson - SOR 2011 C. 2011 Scott Braley Cluver holds a masters in City and Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley.  Prior to getting his degree, Cluver worked many years as a stage carpenter and electrician in various cities around the Country.

Claudia Hudson is a bus driver and the president of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 192, which represents AC Transit workers.  Hudson is a leader both in the Bay Area and nationally in the movement to build stronger partnerships between labor, transit riders, and community based organizations fighting for greater transportation equity.Bob Allen - SOR 2011 C. 2011 Scott Braley
Bob Allen is director of the Transportation Justice Program for Urban Habitat. Allen’s background and experience include community planning and policy work both in the United States and overseas with international non-governmental organizations. While at UH, Allen led the successful 2008 campaign to help pass a regional measure, Measure VV, which raised funds to keep bus passes affordable for seniors, youth, and disabled riders.  Currently, Allen is leading UH’s efforts on federal and state transportation advocacy.  Allen received both his bachelors degree in Political Science and History and his masters in Public Administration from Rutgers University.

Leslie Moody - SOR 2011 C. 2011 Scott BraleyLeslie Moody is executive director of the Partnership for Working Families, a national organization dedicated to building power and transforming the economy and environment for workers and communities. Moody helped found The Partnership and has served as executive director since 2007.  Prior to this national role, Moody spent 15 years changing Colorado’s organizing and political landscape, including a decade as the first woman president of the Denver Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO.  Her union and community leadership helped build a unified movement which transformed the state political alignment, raised the minimum wage, and elected a new era of leaders at all levels of government.  Moody co-founded the Front Range Economic Strategy Center (FRESC), and co-chaired the successful community benefits campaign at the Cherokee-Gates brownfield redevelopment. Committed to building a diverse and effective movement, Moody has helped train thousands of union, community and student organizers, led organizing and policy campaigns impacting tens of thousands of low-wage workers, and helped block millions of dollars in public subsidy to Wal-Mart and other low-road employers.