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Robin Salsburg, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law & Policy

Robin SalsburgRobin Salsburg, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law & Policy Robin Salsburg is a senior staff attorney specializing in current and emerging legal issues involving exposure to secondhand smoke. She is also developing PHLP's climate change and health program. Prior to joining PHLP, Robin was an environmental law fellow with Shute, Mihaly & Weinberger, where she represented community groups and government agencies in land use and environmental litigation. Robin also served as a legal research attorney in the Law and Motion Department of the San Francisco Superior Court. Before becoming an attorney, Robin spent more than a decade implementing environmentally sustainable waste reduction programs including recycling and composting. Robin is a graduate of Stanford University and graduated summa cum laude from Golden Gate University School of Law, where she received certificates of distinction in public interest and environmental law.

Please listen to her presentation at the Bay Area Social Equity Caucus Quarterly Meeting SB 375 Discussion Panel.

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