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Paul Mitchell, Political Consultant and Owner, Redistricting Partners

Paul Mitchell, Political Consultant and Owner, Redistricting PartnersPaul Mitchell, Political Consultant and Owner, Redistricting Partners Redistricting Partners is headed by Paul Mitchell, a Democratic political consultant in Sacramento. Mitchell has a Masters in Public Policy with a focus on urban planning and econometrics. For the past 20 years he has been involved in campaigns from San Diego to Marin, California to North Carolina. From 2004 to 2008 he was the Political Director of EdVoice, an education advocacy group based in Sacramento. In this position he directed and oversaw over $15 million in political spending. Some of his most successful work was in state legislative races where he used data and mapping to help drive successful independent expenditure efforts. Redistricting Partners brings this same focus on winning, paired with the best data and mapping. The team gathered to help you include attorneys with years of experience with political law and redistricting, GIS experts, over 40 years of legislative and community advocacy, and a partnership with one of the nation’s best political data companies. 

Please listen to his presentation at the Bay Area Social Equity Caucus Quarterly Meeting, Assessing the Redistricting Process: What It Means for Our Communities