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RP & E | Fall 2007 | 14-2 Credits


Editors Emeritus
Carl Anthony
Luke Cole

Juliet Ellis

B. Jesse Clarke

Design and Layout
B. Jesse Clarke and
Guillermo Prado

Editorial Assistance
Merula Furtado

Copy Editing and Proofreading
Diana Abellera, Cara
Bertron, Merula Furtado,
Katherine Hall

Urban Habitat
Board of Directors

Joe Brooks (Chair)

Fred Blackwell (Vice-Chair)
S.F. Mayor’s Office of
Community Development

Tamar Dorfman (Treasurer)
S.F. Mayor's Office of
Community Development

Carl Anthony
Co-Founder, Urban Habitat

Romel Pascual
Mayor's Office, City of Los Angeles
Associate Director of the Environment

Arnold Perkins
Alameda Public Health
Department (retired)

Gabriela Sandoval
Department of Sociology,
U.C. Santa Cruz

Tim Thomas
East Bay Habitat for Humanity

Organizations are listed for identification purposes only.

Race, Poverty & the Environment is published twice annually.© 2007 by the individual creators and Urban Habitat. For specific reprint information or submissions, please email RP&E was first published in 1990 by Urban Habitat Program and the California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation’s Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment. The views reflected in RP&E are not necessarily those of the editors, Urban Habitat, or its funders.

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Photo: (Right) United States Social Forum (USSF) workshop in Atlanta, 2007.

Front cover collage: (left) participants at Transportation Justice educational event Dec.
5, 2005, (center) Jackie Tsou, HUD fellow at Urban Habitat, © 2005 Scott Braley;
(right) a UFCW supporter of Smithfield workers at educational picket at USSF,
© 2007 Brooke Anderson; (far right) participant at the 3rd National Immigrant and
Refugee Rights Training Institute, © 2006 NNIRR. Collage by Guillermo Prado.

Back cover photo: Second grade students at Rosa Parks Elementary School
©1997 Margot Pepper.