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General Submission Guidelines

Reimagine! RP&E

The editorial goals for Reimagine! RP&E are developed in collaboration with community-based organizations, and media and nonprofit workers in the Reimagine network. We welcome participation from writers and organizers committed to using a race, class and gender analysis in their work.

If you would like to write, sponsor or propose ideas please use the proposal form at the bottom of this page. You can send your inquires to

Each issue, editors work with community members, correspondents and each other to formulate compelling themes that intersect the issues of environmental and climate justice, racial and gender justice, economic justice, and what we call urban justice: planning, housing, transportation and regionalism. 

Deadlines for queries and submissions are the last Wednesday of every month.

Reimagine! RP&E General Guidelines: PRINT AND AUDIO SUBMISSIONS (Updated June 9, 2016)

Most published articles are a result of assignments given directly to prospective authors. We do consider completed manuscripts and accept simultaneous submissions, but our interests are very specific and each issue of the journal has a specific topical focus. After reading the information below please contact the editors for more information about upcoming topics.

RP&E is looking for articles that take a forward look at key movement organizing efforts in: environmental justice, climate justice, transportation justice, racial justice, gender justice, as well as place and regionalism. We are seeking writers, photographers and radio producers from around the country for ongoing relationships  on key beats. Organizing among low-income people and in communities of color is, as always, the main focus.

We will be maintaining our focus on metropolitan areas (broadly defined) inside the United States, with perhaps a case study or two reflecting best practices internationally. We want to include some macro analysis that looks at the global economic system and envisions alternatives to the current order. We also will continue to cover our core interests in: transportation, jobs, housing, environmental health, and land use

Since RP&E publishes in print once a year, we seek to anticipate upcoming events, major convenings, elections, etc. with stories pegged to the current events but which will remain relevant and continue to interest and inform readers on a long-term basis. We also publish direct to web for some print stories.

We accept articles ranging from 500-2000 words. We accept short profiles (word lengths of 500), case studies (1000 words), and analysis and reviews of movements and national trends (1500-2000 words). We also accept audio submissions in .wav and .mp3 formats for podcast and broadcast use on Reimagine Radio.  Please get in touch with the editor for more details.

In general, we prefer articles that include quotes from participants in addition to citations and quotations from experts. Our readership is extremely diverse, from grassroots activists to academics to progressive policymakers, and we seek articles that are readable, accessible and useful to at least two of these three groups. For recent examples, please view previous RP&E issues online at  We publish a range of editorial material: articles/features/photos created to appeal to a general progressive-minded audience; articles for policy makers who have to actually write legislation or draft regulations to advance equity; and articles for activists interested in the elements in an organizing campaign to mobilize grassroots support for social change. We intend to provide the overall movement forces with facts, policies, strategies, and case studies which can be used to advance the struggle for equality.

We can offer honorariums to authors or sponsoring organizations for writing and photography. Honorariums range from $50-$250 but typically are between $100 and $150. We usually distribute the text of the articles under a "creative commons" license where writers get credit and their work can't be changed, but ask people to request specific permission for photos. The copyright remains with the creator. We prefer original work but also accept reprints and adaptations of previously published material.

We can offer modest honorariums for writing and photography payable to either the author(s) or to a sponsoring non-profit or community organization.

Please include approximate word count, proposed article title, author byline, a brief biography of the author(s), and related credits. We prefer numbered endnotes in the following order: Author Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Journal/Book Title. Year of Publication, Volume, Issue, Page Number.

We can accept .doc, ,docx, .rtf or plain text files. We don’t accept paper submissions except by advance arrangement. If the submission is in Microsoft Word, we prefer single spaced documents with paragraph spacing set to one line; single space between sentences; one carriage return between paragraphs.

All information above is subject to change. Please write to for additional details or to submit queries, proposals, outlines and complete articles.

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