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Reimagine! Movements Making Media works through a balanced process of autonomy, consensus, voting, and delegated decision-making.  The goal of Reimagine is to create and support media projects using a race, class and gender analysis to advance social movement objectives.  Reimagine is independent, pluralistic and respects differences. Content produced or published by Reimagine! does not necessarily reflect the views of its editors, workers, members or funders. Race, Poverty & the Environment (RP&E) is published by Reimagine!

Funding is provided by a balanced mixture of membership dues, earned income from contract work, sales, subscriptions, individual donations, organizational sponsorship, grants, and collaborative fundraising with other organizations. Collaborative grant applications made with other organizations are reviewed and approved by the project director, the production work group and editorial coordinating committee.

Membership in Reimagine is open to social movement participants from a broad array of issues and constituencies using diverse methodologies to work toward social change. Members pay sliding scale dues and receive discounted subscriptions to RP&E, access to additional publications released on quarterly basis, regular research briefs, and are eligible to participate in shaping the editorial and political direction of the project.

General Members participate in quarterly (periodic) assemblies where facilitated discussions surface issues, analyze trends and conditions and produce editorial direction and lines of inquiry to be pursued by editorial committees.

Editorial Committee Members meet as convened by their respective contributing editors and work through a balanced model of autonomy, consensus, voting and delegated decision making to brainstorm, assign, solicit and create editorial content.

Correspondents track and identify issues, authors and content producers in their respective editorial arena and provide input to contributing editors and the project director / editor.

Writers and content producers submit proposals, queries, articles, photo essays, audio and video to contributing editors if a subject area editor has been established or to the project director/ editor if no contributing editor has been identified.

Contributing Editors convene and coordinate editorial committees and act on behalf of the consensus between decision-making meetings in the event of a blocked consensus. Editors have autonomy of judgment in accepting, soliciting and rejecting stories in their editorial arena.

The Project Director/ Editor coordinates finance, administration, hiring of employees and contractors; and acts on behalf of the consensus* of Reimagine committees in periods between decision-making meetings and in the event of blocked consensus.

The project director/ editor provides editorial cohesion across issue areas and strategies for change: directs external inquiries from writers and producers to appropriate contributing editors; assigns and edits stories in collaboration with contributing editors and sponsoring organizations.

Reimagine! is staffed by a core Production Work Group of paid contractors, employees, and volunteers selected by the Project Director or nominated by Editorial Committees and approved by a consensus of the work group.  The work group consists of editors, designers, radio producers, web workers, data managers and others possessing or learning professional level skills. The work group members carry out tasks such as:  writing, editing, copy editing, layout, design, audio production, web design, web development, subscription fulfillment, database development, data entry, e-newsletter design, grant writing, donor appeals, membership outreach and recruitment,  estimating, budgeting and infrastructure development.

The work group acts on behalf of Reimagine! as a whole to fulfill the editorial consensus by producing quality media projects that meet movement needs for analysis and organizing; anchoring outreach efforts to solicit input from members.

The work group uses a balance of autonomy, consensus voting and delegated decision making in determining priorities for allocating resources for producing submitted content.

In order to strengthen the resource base of Reimagine and to provide economic support work group members can choose to work together to solicit contracts from individuals and organizations to produce media for use by other entities. Payments made to Reimagine for such earned income are subject to fiscal sponsorship fees and an agreed contribution to overhead and general expenses and subject to approval by the project director or consensus of the entire work group.


For nearly 25 years, the national journal Race, Poverty & the Environment (RP&E) has helped build the social and environmental justice movements, serving as an essential tool for research in environmental justice, showcasing articles that advance views on racial and economic justice, policy advocacy and movement building. In 2013, Urban Habitat (UH) suspended publication of RP&E. Shortly thereafter, UH began a leadership transition and a thorough reassessment of its organizational plan. Out of this process came a new vision for continuing this vital work. Friends of RP&E, who are key stakeholders of the journal, have come together with Urban Habitat and the Center on Race Poverty and the Environment to create a new path forward for movement-based publishing called Reimagine: RP&E. The Reimagine! project seeks to pilot a joint publication model in which groups share the sponsorship and editorial direction of the journal, thereby enhancing its sustainability and its potential as a movement-building vehicle.

The Reimagine RP&E Initiative consists of community organizers working for a more equal and just society, academics working to create the intellectual framework of contemporary racial justice theories, students aspiring to study these practices, media outlets building national networks to advance social justice, and individual and institutional philanthropists capable of providing robust financial support for these efforts.