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Latinos & the Environment (Fall 1993)

Vol. 4, No. 3: Fall 1993

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Cover Stories

A Tribute to Cesar and His Lessons
     by Jose R. Padilla

Beyond Black and White
     by Elizabeth Martinez

Strategies and Analysis

3   Colonialism, Resistance, & the Search for Alternatives: The Environmental Movement in Puerto Rico
     by Deborah Berman Santana

6   Adding the Issue of Class: Latinos and Air Pollution in L.A.
     by Lisa Duran

8   La Sierra Foundation de San Luis: Reviving the Chicano Land Grant Struggle
     by Devon Pena

11 It's Time Latino Workers Stopped Dying for A Job
     by Amanda Hawes

14 Deconstructing Environmental Racism: A Look at the Early Pesticide Campaign of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee
     by Laura Pulido

17 The Connection Between Latinos and the Environment
     by Jose Morales

18 History and Recent Developments in Puerto Rican Environmental Activism

Race Relations

20 Enough of the Great Melodrama Race Relations in Los Angeles
     by Victor Valle and Rudy D. Torres


23 Texas Task Force Takes on Environmental Racism
     by Antonio Diaz

25 Expansion of the Port of Miami
     by Daniel Suman

26 Building Power Without Borders
     by Catalina Muniz

27 CATA: 15 Years of Farm Worker Action

28 People Organizing to Demand Environmental Rights in San Francisco
     by Leticia Alcantar

29 The South Bronx Coalition for Clean Air
     by Nina Laboy

30 Taking Back New Mexico

31 Defining Power in Tejas: Latino Environmental Group PODER Widens East Austin Agenda
     by Elaine Ayala

32 Communique from Chiapas

Ellie Goodwin on Policy

34 From the Capitol: Views on Policy Development


35 Dr.Loco and his Rockin' Jalapeno Band:Confronting Environmental RacismThrough Music
     by Raquel Pinderhughes

37 Aerosol & the Environment
     by Bonnie Maria Burlin


Editor's Notes