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Asian and Pacific Islanders (Spring 1992)

Environmental Justice for Asian and Pacific Islanders (Vol.3, No.1: Spring 1992)

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In This Issue:


1 Environmental Justice for Asians and Pacific Islanders
by Pam Tau Lee

1 Koreans for Racial Justice
by Susan K Lee

3 Native Hawaiian Historical and Cultural Perspectives on Environmental Justice
by Mililani Trask

7 Endangering Lives, Contaminating the Environment: U.S. Burns Chemical Weapons in the Pacific
by C. Kijang and Lim Poo Kin

Dangers in the Workplace

10 Asian Workers at Risk
by Flora Chu

11 Asian Immigrant Women Advocates' Silicon Valley Project
by Young-lm Yoo


9 Asian Pacific Environmental Network Hosts Charles Lee

9 Labor Solidarity Bridges Cultures
by Gordon Mar

9 Spotlight on Bill Lan Lee
by Sam Su

13 The Anti-Immigration Environmental Alliance: Divide and Conquer at the Border of Racism
by Luke Cole

20 Dolphin-Safe Monitoring Program Expanded

20 Japan to Ban Drift Nets


14 Art Imitates Life, Dramatizes Environmental Racism

14 Urban Habitat Gathering Links Energy, Development

16 Sovereignty and the Environment: Protecting Mother Earth

22 Resources

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