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Women of Color (Winter 1991)

At the Grassroots * As community Leaders * In "Traditional" Environmental Careers * Redefining the Movement (Volume 1, No.4: Winter 1991)

This issue is the second of our theme issues, with our focus on women of color in the environmental movement. We have submissions from all over the country--some encouraging, others not so. All the pieces are empowering to people interested in the effect women of color are having on the environmental and social justice movement, and the progress being made. We tried to solicit our material from women of color, where possible -- we felt that the most honest and direct way to get the real story was to have the people most involved share their views.

To focus primarily on women of color in te environmental and social justice movement was an ambitious venture. By no means can just this issue of RPE do justice to what is happening. Within these pages, however, is a sampling of success stories, major setbacks, and outstanding victories. There are many other publications that highlight women involved in this work and we encourage our readers to seek them out -- several are listed in the Resources section.

The care, determination, and personal growth the women in this issue experience through their involvement in urban and rural coalitions provides positive role models for young people everywhere, particularly for young women of color. Our hope with this issue of RPE is that a few of these stories can be told and shared as examples of what can and is being accomplished in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. 

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1   Women in the Movement
     by Jane Kay

1   Forest Service Prepares for the 21st Century
     by Dianne Saunders

3   PUEBLO is the People, an interview
     by Ellie Goodwin

4   A Resource for the Environmental Justice Movement
     by Jim Abernathy

4   Hunter College to Fight Environmental Racism

5   RPE Profile: Cora Tucker
     by Claude Engle

11 Summit Planned to Address "Environmental Racism"

12 We Speak for Ourselves: Social Justice, Race & the Environment

13 Traditional Culture, New Agriculture
     by Emma Torres

17 A Global Perspective, A Local Meeting
     by the United Nations Environmental Program

20 Civil Rights Suit Filed to Block Toxic Waste Incinerator

2 Editor's Notes

6 Reportbacks

10 Resources