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Youth (Fall 1990)

Volume 1, No.3: October 1990

Welcome to our third issue of Race, Poverty & the Environment. This issue is the first of our theme issues, with the topic being youth. We have tried to pull together articles and resources that explore and analyze race, poverty, and the environment as they apply to children and youth, to examine the ways that children are most vulnerable to environmental hazards, and to show ways that children are in the forefront of responding to this nation's environmental crises. We think - not immodestly - that this issue showcases the diversity of approaches to environmental problems.

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Inside this issue...

1   The Iraq War: Young People on the Front
     by Victor Lewis

1   Lead Poisoning Still Strikes Inner City Youth
     by Arthur Monroe

3   People of Color and the Environmental Job Market: Good News, Bad News
     by Marcia Chen

4   Call in the Natural Guard
     by Randall Beach

4   EPA Focuses on People of Color

5   Billboards: Teaching Kids to Smoke
     by Ed McMahon

19 Youth Notes

2   Editors' Notes


6 Kettleman City, CA, March 10-1 1, 1990

7 Berkeley, CA, March 29-April 1, 1990

8 Washington, DC, April 9-1 0, 1990

9 Dilkon, AZ, June 29-July 1, 1990

10 Resources