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Earth Day (Spring 1990)

Volume 1, No.1 (Spring 1990)








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 In this issue...

1   The Need for New Coalitions

     by David Brower

1   A Statement of Purpose
     by Carl Anthony and Luke Cole

3   Women, Home & Community: The Struggle in an Urban Environment
     by Cynthia Hamilton

4   A Challenge to the Environmental Movement
     by Victor Lewis

5   Why African Americans Should Be Environmentalists
     by Carl Anthony

7   Freeways, Community & "Environmental Racism"
     by Gar Smith

8   Environmental Groups Told They Are Racist in Hiring

8   A Short List of Resources Organizations for Grassroots Environmental Activists
     by Sanford Lewis

9   No Deposit, No Return
     by Paul Ruffins

14 U.S. Forest Service Hosts African-American Leaders

14 Resource Groups

15 Job Opportunities

15 Reportback

15 Upcoming Events

17 Resources