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Sage Cain

I always knew that drawing was going to be my road to self-discovery and self- understanding. Drawing ancestors and creating all these entities has me working on a deeper level. It comes so natural to me. It’s like having a conversation with myself. I think that’s why art is so healing.

I think art can definitely heal community. When I was younger, seeing art that was a reflection of me made me feel good. I wanted to do that too. I want to create a story that can create a brighter reality that’s not oppressive; that’s against oppression. When I see art in communities that you can tell is removed from the community, you can tell its soul is lost. It’s not healing. I call it art gentrification and that’s creating something that just doesn’t fit or help the community. Instead, it perpetuates whatever issue was already there.

We look around for reflections of ourselves. But if we don’t find it and we don’t see it, we need to look for it within ourselves. Where else better to start than with our ancestry? Your parents are included in that. They’re the two that created you.

It’s important to reach back and learn about yourself. I believe in things getting passed down to us ancestrally, through our DNA and memory. I believe our stories are passed down through our actions. The things we go through are always intertwined and related to our ancestry. Sometimes we don’t know why but we end up doing things that reflect the generational trauma and behaviors that comes up for healing. Sometimes we have to relive that story to work that out within ourselves.

I do have a story to tell. My story is part of a whole story that includes an endless amount of people. Thank you for allowing me to share my story, helping me realize that my story matters, and allowing others to share theirs. It’s warming anytime you’re invited somewhere... to be included and know someone else is interested in your voice and your presence. I ask that everyone look at their own story. Explore where you come from, where you are at, where you are going, and maybe where you need to be. Whatever you do comes from the soil to which your feet are planted and comes through the soles of your feet. How we walk is how we give reverence to our story. So, where do you want to go — spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally? We can go there.

Sydney “Sage” Cain
Graphite Visual Artist and Muralist