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City Council Agenda: Housing Element Task Force, Sewer Connection Incentives

Submitted by News Desk on Thu, 11/18/2010 - 1:43pm

Housing Element

For Tuesday's City Council meeting, city staff will provide an update on the task force putting together an update of the city's housing plan.

According to a staff report, a public draft of the updated housing element could be available by February 2011.

With the Urban Habitat settlement, Pleasanton must put together a housing document, which provides an outline for the regional requirements for affordable housing in the city.

The task force met for the first time on Nov. 8. The group will evaluate programs and policies in the previous element, analyze population and employment trends,  and create goals to meet the city's housing needs.

The group must submit a draft plan to the California Department of Housing and Community Development by August 2011.

City staff said the group will focus on three areas:

    * Future multifamily developments;
    * Implement anti-discrimination policies and programs related to developers of affordable housing and promote housing for special needs households or families with children; and
    * Recommend changes to the city's zoning ordinance to accommodate emergency, transitional and supportive housing.

The task force meetings are also where the general public can provide input into the housing element update process.

Sewer Capacity Program for Businesses

According to city staff reports, the City Council will consider and possibly approve a program that allows for taking unused sewer capacity from city-owned properties to private properties.

The approval would allow the city to establish an incentive program for business development. Earlier this year, the city asked for the Dublin San Ramon Sewer District to allow Pleasanton the ability to transfer sewer capacity from its unused properties to new, expanded and relocated businesses.

The program essential lowers the sewer fees that a business may incur in setting up shop in the city. According to city staff reports, the city will not incur direct costs.