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Leah LaCroix--Sidebar


Voices for Transportation Justice 2010

Transportation is an essential and vital service for cities and its residents. Recently, I’ve seen the inequalities within the San Francisco transit system, and with my position of power within the Youth Commission, I have the opportunity to fight for justice and equality within this system. This youth commission term, I am the chair of the Planning, Land Use, and City Services Committee and this has led me to become involved with the city service of transportation. We have been asking the MTA to not increase the discount fast pass to $30 per month [increase scheduled for May 2010], to create a Life Line fast pass for youth who qualify for free and reduced lunch, and to keep the fast passes the same [$20 per month], for this coming fiscal year 2010-11.

One of the biggest challenges young people face today is that during the budget crisis, many human and health services are being cut. Within these services are programs that directly affect youth. Without services, our youth are left in the most vulnerable position because there is no place to turn to. These services allow youth access to some of the basic human needs for living in the city. Yes, I take the bus everywhere I go because my family doesn’t have a car. Public transportation is one of the only ways my family can get around the city

Leah LaCroix is on the San Francisco Youth Commission and a Psychology student at San Francisco State University.

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