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Somethin’ Ain’t Right: A Play - 6:00 pm, Thurs, Jan. 30

Reimagine! Movements Making Media is pleased to co-sponsor a Table Reading of a new play by Reimagine! Correspondent Kelly Curry.

The play explores the complexities of a prominent Oakland family dealing with the impacts of houselessness and police brutality,

Somethin’ Ain’t Right

6:00 pm, Thursday, January 30th
Ed Roberts Campus
3075 Adeline St, Berkeley
Public discussion to follow the reading

Renters Rise

San Francisco Renters Day of Action ©2016 Joseph Smooke

By Joseph Smooke

Under the banner of “Homes For All,” renters from coast to coast are pulling together in a national movement to demand a freeze on rent increases and an end to unfair evictions.1 Their National Renters Day of Action2 in fall 2016 announced that they are organized, united and ready to fight for their right to a stable home—and that their level of unity and resolve is more necessary than ever, now that a real estate tycoon with a documented history of discrimination and abuse of tenants is occupying the White House.

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Fight or Flight

Protestors at Oakland City Council hearing on homeless emergency.  ©

Oakland’s Homeless and African American Residents Face Uphill Battle Against Pro-Gentrification City Government

By Kheven LaGrone

One of the more visible signs of the growing income inequality in Oakland is the sprawling encampments of homeless people building tents and other shelters to escape this year’s rains. Not surprisingly, most of those who are homeless in Oakland are African American, and sadly, it’s also not surprising that this is a direct outgrowth of city policy.

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San Mateo County Renters Fight Rising Evictions

By Joseph Smooke and Dyan Ruiz

Renters and community supporters protest the eviction of residents of 1824 El Parque Court in San Mateo at a vigil organized by the San Francisco Organizing Project/Peninsula Interfaith Action. Courtesy of []. A group of community workers, along with mostly Latino and African American working-class parents, hold hands in a prayer vigil at a suburban Bay Area neighborhood. They huddle together in the shade on the front lawn of a townhouse complex as their children play with protest signs and run around with friends. So close to San Francisco with its rent control and modest eviction preventions, the Silicon Valley city of San Mateo provides no security for tenants.

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