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Kindred Voices Workshop Pre-Registration

Collaborative Liberation Arts Workshop Series (CLAWS) will be creating and rehearsing an exciting fusion of storytelling, theater and dance, exploring ancestry and migration in a work provisionally titled Kindred Voices.

The proposed starting point will center on the theme of connection and separation of kindred peoples. Using scripted stories, individual and collective improvisations, movement scores, and choreography collaborating artists will present stories and dances dealing with ancestors and migration. Individual creations will be presented and workshopped into a mosaic of thematically related pieces via feedback and responsive improvisation. As the season progresses we will stage open rehearsals with lab participants and other performers, culminating in a Dec, 16 presentation of the created work. Collaboration will continue with the aim of bringing the works-in-progress to finished form for presentation at theater and community-based venues in 2018.

The fall season will have 5 phases.   

ORGANIZATION — OCT. 1  Collaborating artists will present their work, discuss specific proposals and share visions of where this sort of collaboration might lead..      

INSPIRATION — OCT. 14 & 15 — Jiwon Chung will facilitate a two-day intensive open to the community using Theater of the Oppressed and Playback Theater.  

CREATION — OCT. 21 THRU NOV 19  Collaborative members and guest artists present and shape new work.   

REHEARSAL — DEC. 3 & 10 Lab participants and other performers shape pieces for public performance.   

PRESENTATION — DEC 16 The public is invited to see and participate in the work-in-progress.