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I AM SF - Resist, Restore, Rejuvenate - RP+E Release

Exhibiton of I Am San Francisco (IAMSF) (Dec 7, 6-9)
IAMSF explores San Francisco’s social and cultural values and concerns through the lens of its Black natives, residents, and leaders. Curated by Jarrel Phillips, with art by photographer Michole “Micholiano” Forks and muralist Sydney “Sage” Cain. Tthe exhibition brings to life the some of the scores of interviews published in RP&E over the past 2 years. (See below for links.) Meet the artists, eat the free food, all are welcome! Exhibit continues through Feb 2018.

RP&E Release Party and CLAWS Cultural Celebration (Dec 16, 7-9:30)
With a planet and a political system ever more out of balance, communities in resistance are called ever more urgently to the critical work of restoration. In this volume, "Resist, Restore,  Rejuvenate", organizers for sanctuary, restorative justice and social housing share their stories, strategies, and visions, and we continue to explore the rejuvenating power of the beauty, complexity and abundance prevalent within ‘Black Life’ in San Francisco.
Reimagine's Collaborative Liberation Arts Workshop Series (CLAWS) uses theater and movement to help us better tell stories of our own race, class and gender oppression. In tonight's celebration, Reimagine writers, storytellers and dancers will embody tales of origins, migration and ancestors. With scripted and improv storytelling and dance, we will act in the spirit of Dr. Joseph Marshall (one of the interviewees in IAMSF), who advises: "Honor your ancestors and honor yourself. And, most importantly, do not collude in your own oppression..."