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Economic Justice

Then  			2007



The crisis of bad jobs in the United States is simply a domestic manifestation of 21st century globalization. The policies which harm many people in other countries are closely linked to the policies which harm many people in the United States. Just as people and nations are battling to transform structural policies with respect to international economic forces, there is a need to transform certain structural policies in this country. —Steven Pitts (“The Fight for Quality Jobs: Our Battle Against Neoliberalism”)


2009 Employer sanctions have failed to reduce undocumented migration because NAFTA and globalization create huge migration pressure. Since 1994 more than six million Mexicans have come to the United States.... Attempting to discourage workers from coming by arresting them for working without authorization, or trying to prevent them from finding work, is doomed to fail. To reduce the pressure that causes undocumented migration, we need to change our trade and economic policies so they don't produce poverty in countries like Mexico.
— Bill Ong Hing and David Bacon ("Rights, Not Raids") 

The 20th Anniversary Issue | Vol. 17, No. 1 | Spring 2010 | Credits

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