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Re(Collecting) - Curated by Kheven Lagrone

Part 1. I Am San Francisco:
(Re)Collecting the Home of Native Black San Franciscans

African American Center at the San Francisco Main Library
December 12, 2015 to March 10, 2016.

Created and curated by Kheven LaGrone, this exhibit captures the home and soul of native Black San Francisco. I AM SAN FRANCISCO collects the personal stories of several African Americans from San Francisco. Those stories were assigned to various artists, from various places, to interpret using various media.

“An African American born in San Francisco? I’ve never met one before.  You must have been one of the few,” a native Black San Franciscan often hears today.  For many, the questions conjure up the feelings of marginalization and the loss of home.  They remind us that African Americans are being written out of San Francisco’s past and present. 

Featured Storytellers include: Jarrel Phillips, Kheven LaGrone, Wanda Sabir, Jacqueline Chauhan, Julianne Malveaux, Charles Curtis Blackwell, Mark Johnson, Kristine Mays, and more.

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