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More About the Cultural Exchange and Festival

By Joana Cruz

Courtesy of Dancing EarthOn October 24, 2015, in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day, Dancing Earth will team up with Audiopharmacy Prescriptions Collective to bring about the Seeds & Soul Indigenous Cultural Exchange & Festival. The free festival will provide a creative, inclusive and welcoming environment where art, dance, spoken word, and music will be modelled as tools for community resilience and social change to raise awareness about issues, such as environmental sustainability, which affect Native and non-native peoples.

The festival will help celebrate the diversity of indigenous identities, provide a platform for critical dialogue, build unity and alliance among communities, and strengthen resilience in these times of rapid social and environmental change. We hope to enliven and indigenize the outdoor and indoor spaces, and animate the area with indigenous intention rooted in honoring the original peoples of the San Francisco Bay Area. We will incorporate tribal philosophies about relationships and treaty-making as examples of reciprocity and responsibility in caring for (not just inhabiting and using) place.

The festival, scheduled for the day between the Annual Indigenous People’s Day Pow-Wow in Berkeley and the Annual Indigenous Peoples’ Sunrise Gathering on Alcatraz, will feature local independent musicians, DJs and performers, as well as indigenous arts and community vendors. Audiopharmacy Prescriptions will also create an organic-interactive art installation based on the themes of the festival.

Seeds & Soul would like to invite indigenous culture-carriers, as well as social justice and environmental activists, to share their developed responses to environmental catastrophes. Those strategies can serve as models for the communities working in the arts, health and wellness, and the food industry. For us, decolonization is inseparable from the critical work of cultural and societal change, healing, and the seeding of hope and renewal in our journey towards empowered indigeneity.

If you or your organization is interested in learning more about how to collaborate with us, email us at:

Joana Cruz is a lead organizer for the Seeds & Soul Cultural Exchange and Festival and the operations manager for Audiopharmacy Prescriptions. For more information, visit or